LEFT’s history has found it to be aninstitution in Melbourne’s fashion andart scene for the past two decades,originally heralded as the initialstockist for brands Yohji Yamamotoand Comme des Garçons in Australia. Now, LEFT plays host to a curationof world-renowned labels whilstenabling an Australian contextfor new designers to explore theirtranslation into Melbourne. Originallybased on Fitzroy’s iconic GertrudeStreet, LEFT now resides in theheart of the CBD. Its new space wasdesigned by creative architect BenEdwards of Studio Edwards. Thisspace allows the visitor to recollect,pause and absorb the collectionspresented in its quiet lanewaylocation. This calming aura permeatesoutside LEFT’s doors and allows forrefifined focus outside of the CBD’swired environment. Edwards hasused a contrast of austere fifinishesand cushioned textures that hero thegarment whilst support the guestswho walk through our doors.


Job Title:
Sales Associate

We’re looking for new talented individuals to join our growing team here at
LEFT Melbourne. We are now hiring for both Part time and Full time Sales Associate positions for our LEFT Melbourne positioned down a laneway within the central business district.

Sales associates will be responsible for facilitating the completion of day-to-day operations in store at LEFT. Tasks will vary depending on where assistance is needed most. You will be expected to aid in all areas including customer service, stock management and organization, and general in store maintenance. You will work with other staff to ensure LEFT continues to perform and serve at its optimal level delivering the highest quality retail experience.

Reports To:
Store Manager

LEFT Melbourne

28 coromandel place Melbourne Victoria 3000,Australia

Become familiarized with day-to-day operations
Handling in store customer service and care to deliver quality shop experience
Fulfilling and handling online orders and sales
Assisting in opening and closing duties
Creating and organizing in-store displays and shop aesthetic
Organization and inventory management of new product shipments
Assisting with photography, E-commerce, and online operations

Qualifications and Assets:
Excellent communication skills
Previous experience in retail and customer service an asset
Strong understanding of LEFT as a company and brand
Familiarity with products and brands carried at LEFT
Detail oriented
Flexible schedule
Interpersonal and communications skills
Strong organizational skills
Currently working toward or completed post secondary education an asset.
Experience and familiarity in Design, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator etc is a strong and valuable asset.

Contact method:
Please send all resumes to info@leftmelbourne.com. Any interested applicants must include LEFT Recruit: Melbourne Sales Associate in the subject line. Only applicants that are selected will be contacted.